City Girl In A Jungle

Facts About Me: 

no-insects-28544594  SleepBed

I hate all kind of outdoor activities because

  • I hate all kind of insects!
  • I hate dirts/ muds.
  • I hate sweating.
  • I hate getting sunburn and insects bites.
  • I hate the feeling of muscle pain.

Yup. You’re right! I’m an indoor person who doesn’t like to do any kind of sport related activities. I love swimming though.


In Year 10, I went to New Zealand as a field trip. Zorbing, playing swoop, caving, free -falling, fishing, playing pinball, visiting the Maori temple, and visiting the Lord of The Ring movie scene amazed me. I fell in love with New Zealand after the trip. I wanted to live there!

Zorb-Triple-Hydro  falling

Zorbing!                                                                   Swoop!!

freefall-xtreme-rotorua-new-zealand+1152_13032648334-tpfil02aw-9596  Maori-temple

Free-fall                                                                  Maori Temple

As I mentioned, I am an indoor girl, and I hate outdoor activities. BUT New Zealand gave me a new experience, and a new perspective toward outdoor activities! You must be wondering, “What happened? No insects in New Zealand? She didn’t suffer from muscle pain? She didn’t sweat?” There was insects. I had muscle pain. I had mosquito bites. The fact list that I provided above remained the same.


I learned to appreciate outdoor activities and nature. There’re solutions to my fact list.

  • Use sun screen.
  • Wear a hat.
  • Use insect repellent
  • Wear light color clothing
  • Do more exercise to prevent muscle pain.
  • Wash yourselves afterward

I can prevent from insect bites, sunburn, and muscle pain. I can wash myself as many times as I want. So, why should I hate outdoor activities? And look at the photos above! How can I not fall in love with outdoor activities? I don’t mind getting few more mosquito bites from playing pinball, or getting sunburn from fishing. I want to go to New Zealand now!

Are you a city girl like me? Do you like outdoor activities? Comment and share!



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