You Better Behave

-How do you behave when you are abroad?

            “You better behave when you’re in another country. You represent the family. You do not want to bring shame to your family name, and nation,” My dad says to me.

My dad cares a lot about reputation, a typical Chinese dad. He always reminds me how I should behave in public. He thinks that, “table manner and social skills are the key to success”.

Recently, my friend tagged me on a post, “China’s Guidelines On Civilized Travel Abroad’ Offers These 25 Pearls Of Wisdom”. In my first blog,I wrote about how to adapt into new culture. So, I wanted to know the recommendations that the Chinese provide to their citizens. I clicked onto the link, watched the attached video, and read the article. I burst out laughing while reading it. I laughed so hard, that my roommate came into my room to check on me. YES! It’s HILARIOUS! No Jokes!

The Bible for Chinese Traveler


The China National Tourism Administration came up with a set of guideline for Chinese tourists. The guideline was issued in September with 64 pages, filled with illustration and simple descriptions.

Reputation is IMPORTANT!

The Chinese care about their reputation. Reputation equals to everything. It doesn’t matter who you truly are as a person, but you have to behave well in the public. When I say “well”, I mean really well.

Now you might start wondering, why aren’t they behaving then? It’s true that many aren’t concern about their behaviours. So, the authority concerns about it, and wants to protect the reputation of China. Therefore, they put together a set of guidelines, the Chinese Tourist Bible (It’s written in Chinese, but there’re illustrations to demonstrate the rules).

Some of the Basic Rules:

tourism-chinese Tourist-chinese

  1. Do not spit.
  2. Do not throw garbage on the floor. Throw garbage into garbage bin.
  3. Do not pick your nose, pick your teeth, cough or sneeze in front of other people.
  4. Do not smoke in non- smoking area.
  5. Do not leave your footprint on the toilet.
  6. Follow local rules.
  7. Respect and be nice to staff.
  8. Pay tips.

I do understand why the Chinese government came up with this guideline. The area that I live in Hong Kong is where the majority of tourist visit. So I have witnessed many sides of the Chinese as they travel through Hong Kong. They throw garbage on the floor, they spit on the ground, they cough in front of your face without covering their mouth, they butt into line, they don’t say thank you when they ask for direction or help, they push you away when they pass by. If I have to go on and list all that I have witnessed, it will take a few pages. BUT the WORST thing that I have ever witnessed in my life is: A mom allowing her son to poo on the ground in a high end shopping mall, and leaving without cleaning afterward.


Hopefully the guidelines improve the behaviours of the Chinese tourists, and  the Chinese will read it before they travel!


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