My Body and Tummy Say, “No”

I’m tired of flying!


My parents love to travel! As a result, I’ve been to many places. If you ask me, “Where’ve I been to?” I’ll say, “A LOT of places!!”. Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Beijing, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Rome, France, Germany, London, Los Angels, Ohio, San Francisco, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, and MORE. I can’t even remember all of them. But there’re two things that I hate about traveling!

1. The Tiny Seat on The Plane


I love traveling, but its’ tiring when you have to take a long flight. When you sit on the plane for more than 5 hours, your butt hurts, your legs sores, and your back aches. You want to stretch your legs, your body, and your arms. BUT, you can’t!  There’s no extra space for you to do stretching on an economic seat. You know what’s the worst? It’s when the person who sits in front of you lean their seat backward! You feel like you don’t have enough space to breath, you’re suffocating!

What Can You Do To Have an Enjoyable, Comfortable Flying Experience?

“Are you asking me to upgrade my seat to business class or first class?” You must be wondering. The answer is, “NO. You don’t have to. I have a better solution for you”.


You can pay an extra of 100USD for the preferred seats (the price varied accorded to different airline). Preferred seats locate at the emergency exit row of an aircraft.There’re lot of leg space, as there aren’t any seats in front of you(See the image above). You don’t have to worry about kicking the person in front of you. When you go to washroom, you don’t have to worry about bothering the passengers who sit next to you.You can stretch your legs without affecting anyone. However, the preferred seats come with responsibility and requirements.

Some of the Emergency Exit Seating Requirements:

  • Assess whether opening the emergency exit will increase the hazards to which passengers may be exposed.
  • Assess, select, and follow a safe path away from the emergency exit
  • Must be 15 years of age or older
  • Have the ability to adequately import information orally in English to other passengers.
  • Must not have a condition that might cause the person harm if he or she perform one or more of the applicable functions

These are the requirement listed by  Southwest Airline. Make sure that you check with the airline when you request for the preferred seat, they might have different requirements.

I always travel with Cathay Pacific, and request for preferred seat! I find it a lot more comfortable than the regular seats. You should give it a try, if you want more leg space!

2. The Food on the Plane


A flight attendant strolls the food and drink cart toward you, and place the meal tray on your tiny table.  An aluminium box that hold your chicken/beef/fish/pork, a small round/ square plastic bowl of  salad/ fruit, a slice of cake, a piece of bread with butter, and your plastic utensils in a sealed plastic bag sit on the tray. That’s your breakfast/lunch/dinner. Some people like it, some people don’t. I HATE IT. I always want to vomit when I smell the food on the plane.  Some airlines provide cup noodles, so I always ask for cup noodles instead. I also bring lot of snacks with me l, so that I dont starve for hours.

I wish airlines can provide tasty food like JAL, the Japan Airline! Look the the food that they provide!

airplanefood  jal_w640_h427_watermark


If I can have these food on the plane, I’ll never complain about long flight! I’ll be craving for more food! Nom nom nom…

What’re your little tricks on the plane? Share and comment!


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