Something About My Name:

My name is Winnie Wat. Many of you might be wondering,” her last name is WHAT?”. People often get confused when I tell them my last name, so I spell it out for them, instead of pronouncing it. “W-A-T”. that’s my last time.

Something About Me:

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, a shopping and food paradise. In the mean time, its’ also extremely polluted. It is the main cause of my asthma, and skin allergy. I suffer from breathing, and skin irritation all the time. I have two silver teacup poodles, apparently they have asthma and allergy as well. Hong Kong has a high population, its’ difficult to travel around without traffic. I practiced my patience there.

My parents placed me in an international school when I was 12. I had a tough time from switching environment. It took me times and efforts to fit into a new community, to adapt into a new environment, and to make new friends. Then, they sent me to Canada for university alone, an extreme change in weather and culture.

Something About This Blog

This blog explores my interests, my personality, my way of thinking, my suffers, and many other little things. Each blog is a piece of puzzle of me. Read my blog to get a bigger picture of me!



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